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JMU Trumpet Studio

The trumpet studio at James Madison University is comprised of approximately 28 music majors at both the graduate and undergraduate levels with degree concentrations in education, performance, composition, jazz studies, and industry. The information provided here is targeted at both graduate and undergraduate students with specific links and information.

Additional information about the School of Music can be found here.



Admission to the School of Music is by audition only and is separate from academic admission to the university.  

Detailed information about undergraduate auditions can be found at this site:


Detailed information about graduate auditions can be found at this site:


What should I play for my audition?


Prospective trumpet students must prepare a minimum of two selections of contrasting styles and character that will demonstrate your musical and technical ability. These selections should be of a classical nature such as the standard solo repertoire listings on the state and national level, grade IV or above. Other comparable works are acceptable, such as movements of a sonata or concerto, or a classical etude. Memorization is not required. Students should be prepared to perform various scales and/or arpeggios. Instrumentalists may bring their own accompanist or perform without accompaniment. For students interested in auditioning for the jazz studies program, please add additional representative jazz works that can include performance of transcribed solos and/or improvisation over F or Bb blues progression.

Some great examples of audition repertoire include etudes from Charlier, Getchell Book 2, Smith-Concert Studies, Wurm, Arban, or comparable.  For solo literature consider selecting repertoire from the following works:

Balay, G.: Andante et Allegretto

Balay, G.: Piece de Concours (Contest Piece)

Balay, G.: Prelude et Ballade

Barat, J.Ed.: Fantasy in Eb

Barat, J.Ed.: Andante et Scherzo

Broughton, B.: Oliver's Birthday

Charlier, T.: Solo de Concours

Clarke, H.L.: Maid of the Mist

Corelli, A.: Sonata VII

Delmas, M.: Chorale et Variations

Ewazen, E.: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

Goedicke, A.: Concert Etude

Handel, G.F..: Aria con Variazione

Kennan, K.: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

Latham, W.: Suite

Turrin, J.: Three Episodes

Turrin, J.: Four Miniatures

Any other comparable solo repertoire works are acceptable as well.



Students auditioning for the graduate program in trumpet performance should have repertoire prepared that is comparable to a senior recital (for prospective MM students) or masters recital (for prospective doctoral students).  Contrasting solo repertoire on multiple trumpets (Bb, C, Piccolo, Eb/D) is highly encouraged but not required.  Candidates should also prepare 2-4 orchestral excerpts and two contrasting etudes from Charlier, Bitsch or equivalent.

All graduate auditions require a live, in person audition on campus after approval of prescreening via GetAccept.  All live auditions are by invitation only after preliminary video screening via GetAcceptd.  Please visit the link above with "Detailed Information about Graduate Auditions" to find out more and to apply.  For pre-screening repertoire, I would prefer 2 or 3 video examples (no longer than 3 minutes in duration each) that best represents your musical and technical ability. It does not need to be formally produced and can be high quality footage from a video camera or iphone/Android device. If you already have YouTube or similar footage posted to the web, simply include that link within GetAcceptd.

The repertoire required for pre-screening is separate from the live audition.  The live audition repertoire will require a more detailed list as stated above.

For specific repertoire questions, please contact Dr. Carrillo.


Can I visit the School of Music and meet or take a lesson with Dr. Carrillo?

Yes!  I am happy to meet with prospective graduate and undergraduate students and tell you all about the trumpet studio here at JMU.  We can schedule a meeting or a lesson, whichever you prefer. You can even arrange to shadow a JMU student and spend a day visiting trumpet studio class, general music classes, and observing ensembles.  These are best scheduled for Mondays during the semester (that's a day when almost all of our ensembles meet) and for logistical reasons, can only be limited to 3 or 4 students on a given day. You can also choose any other day of the week that works for you though not all of our ensembles and classes meet everyday.


What are the ensembles in which a trumpet student may perform?

Ensemble options for trumpet students in the School of Music at JMU are numerous.  The following ensembles have openings for trumpets each year:  Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Musical Theater Pit Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Combos, Marching Band (Fall only), British Brass Band, Brass Quintet, Bach Aria Group, Collegium Musicum, and Trumpet Ensemble.  


What are the scholarship opportunities in Music?

Scholarships in the trumpet studio are highly competitive and selective.  Each year, we are able to offer 1 or 2 scholarships to an incoming undergraduate or graduate student.  On average, we have between 40-45 students audition for five spots.  Only the top incoming prospective students will receive a scholarship offer and every auditioning student is automatically considered for scholarship-there is no need to request scholarship consideration.  All scholarship decisions in the trumpet studio are determined by Dr. Carrillo.


Are there Teaching Assistantships for prospective graduate students?

Yes!  Each year we offer several graduate Teaching Assistantships in the School of Music and they are competitive across all instruments and studios.  The top performers with the most outstanding auditions and academic marks from previous degrees will automatically be considered for these.


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Make a Donation to the JMU Trumpet Studios:

If you would like to make a donation directly to the JMU Trumpet Studio, please click on the "Donate" link above.  All funding received will go directly to fund JMU trumpet student activities and equipment needs.  Student activities include funding to bring guest artists to campus and studio trips.  Equipment needs include instruments, mouthpieces, valve oil, cleaning supplies, and music. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated and immediately used.