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Service as Alternative to Networking...

Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Anybody can be great because anybody can serve.”

I read this wonderful article by Mark Maxwell, music industry professor at Belmont University in Nashville, last summer and couldn’t help but think about how we could create this agency to effect change in our trumpet studio. The gist of the article is that service can be a wonderful alternative to traditional networking.  An intriguing premise that is one we should all consider.

Here's a brief rundown of Prof. Maxwell's thoughts:

1. Serving erases conflict

2. Serving creates purpose

3. Serving creates value for you and for others

4. Serving creates provision for you and for others

5. Serving changes the world because it changes others

What if we each make just one tiny commitment to perform one act of service this week, month, or semester?

What can you do to get involved? Did you know that JMU has a Center for Inclusive Music Engagement?