Dr. Carrillo's Trumpet Blog

This page is targeted at my trumpet students here at James Madison University and any other trumpet students or enthusiasts. I hope you find something helpful to your path here.

Permission to Make Mistakes

As you perform in rehearsals and work in your personal practice today, I'd like you to take a few risks:

  • Sing through the horn with beauty and clarity
  • Go for the high note
  • Go for the low note
  • Hold the note to the bitter end
  • Decreschendo a niente
  • Sing all the way through the phrase
  • Articulate with absolute clarity
  • Sing out the sound that is in your head

What's the worst that could happen? You make a mistake?

Mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve. Mistakes are where we find out what our limits are so we can push those limits further out.

Please use the attached form and give yourself "Permission to Make Mistakes"

Happy trumpeting!

-Dr. Carrillo