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This page is targeted at my trumpet students here at James Madison University and any other trumpet students or enthusiasts. I hope you find something helpful to your path here.

Trumpet Habits

Some trumpet practice thoughts for the JMU Trumpet Studio...

Each time you set foot into the practice room you are building and strengthening habits of musicianship and technique. Focus on thinking and doing things that will create and strengthen good habits. If you don't, you will create and strengthen bad habits. The goal is automaticity, not auto-pilot. 

Your improvement on the trumpet will not "just happen" because you "practice for two hours every day". Your improvement on the trumpet will happen through organized, thoughtful, diligent, disciplined practice with the defined intentionality of creating and strengthening the good habits that lead to brilliant musicianship. 

What are those good habits we want to create and strengthen? Great question!! Pay close attention and ask during your lessons. 

Happy practicing,

Dr. Carrillo